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Cocos Code are launching at China market

With today’s globalisation and China’s urbanisation, it would be easy to believe that the Chinese market is similar to any Western one. Its rich culture and history as well as its fast-growing economy make it a country where consumption habits are very specific, half-way between tradition and modernity. Understanding this culture greatly determines a brand’s outcome and it is difficult to be successful in China without a differentiated strategy.

Expectations regarding beauty products are very specific in China. Be it skin or hair care, or even make up, meeting customers’ needs is your priority. Light texture, subtle fragrance and hydration benefits for example are a must for skin care products. Cocos Code brand have even launched products lines only dedicated to Asian skins in order to best match their needs.

Chinese people are still very attached to traditional Chinese medicine techniques and according to the latter, beauty is closely linked to health. Which is why they would rather choose products which contain ingredients of natural origin. Cocos Code has focused on this part of the Chinese culture.

Cocos Code internet shop users go online more on their cell phone than they do on their desktop, thus information is usually transmitted via mobile devices. Recommendations, advice and ratings spread very quickly: consumers will only trust brands which are known and documented by fellow Internet users.

Therefore, being present on social media will greatly influence its success, as well as its presence on e-commerce platforms. E-commerce is still growing fast: 25% of all cosmetics products purchases are done online, and with cross border shopping’s success helping, e-commerce in the beauty sector looks even more promising.

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