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Body Oils

Natural body care products for everyday use

Made of cold-pressed coconut and Moringa Oleifera oils mixed with botanic extracts and oils, thus making a healthy and uniquely authentic product with pronounced antioxidising and healing effects. Cold-pressed coconut and Moringa Oleifera oils have antiviral, antifungal and antioxidising characteristics, therefore, for years, they have been considered as the healthiest oils in the world. The unique molecular structure of cold-pressed coconut and Moringa Oleifera oils ensures easy everyday application of the product. Body oil soaks in quickly without leaving oily traces and makes the skin soft, even and elastic as well as alleviates, reduces and heals wide-spread skin problems. Body oils are saturated with vitamins and minerals. Provides rich moisturising, protects the skin from everyday strain and stress, environmental pollution and adverse weather, which can cause and trigger skin problems; furthermore, the cream also prevents the skin from ageing (scientifically proved and confirmed in practical use).

A moisturiser not only for the body, but also for hair. A wonderful body care product for everyday use — apply it after bathing, showering, swimming or sunbathing in order to renew the moisture necessary for both skin and hair. The product can be used in the bath (add a few drops to the water) and also for massages, creating a wonderful aroma therapy with your favourite scent. Recommended after shaving (eliminates inflammatory symptoms, provides deep moisturising and renews the skin).

Products are intended for external daily use. Natural body oils should be stored in a dark, cool and fireproof place. In order to keep the body oils fresh, make sure that the packaging is tightly closed. Natural ingredients. Not tested on animals.

Antioxidising body oils (volume — 100 ml)

Body oil basic ingredients:cold-pressed coconut oil, Moringa Oleifera leaf extract, grapeseed oil, Uvi Ursi, guava leaf and papaya fruit extracts mixed with certain oil and extract mixture for each aroma set:

Mangorine —mandarin / sweet orange (orange, guava fruit oils and extracts)

Oliva — olive (bergamot, olive oils and extracts)

Almond —almond (neroli, almond oils and extracts)

Melon — tomato / melon (tomato seed oil, apple, lemon, strawberry, kiwi, melon, orange oils and extracts)


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Seaweds — algae / ocean plants (lemon seed, ocean plant oils and extracts)

Tropicale — tropical / vanilla (pineapple, banana, vanilla oil and extracts)

Sampaquita — jasmine (jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood oils and extracts)

Spice — hot herb/spice (tea tree, basil, cinnamon, lime oils and extracts)

Cucumber — cucumber (bergamot, cucumber seed oils and extracts)

Avocado — avocado (avocado, bergamot, vanilla oils and extracts)

Aloe — aloe (aloe, bergamot, lemongrass, orange, juniper berries, vanilla oils and extracts)

Rosehip — rosehip (rosehip, geranium, patchouli oils and extracts)

Green Tea — green tea (peppermint, lemon, green tea leaf oils and extracts)