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Cocos Code are launching at China market


With today’s globalisation and China’s urbanisation, it would be easy to believe that the Chinese market is similar to any Western one. Its rich culture and history as well as its fast-growing economy make it a country where consumption habits are very specific, half-way between tradition and modernity. Understanding this culture greatly determines a brand’s outcome and it is difficult to be successful in China without a differentiated strategy.

Expectations regarding beauty products are very specific in China. Be it skin or hair care, or even make up, meeting customers’ needs is your priority. Light texture, subtle fragrance and hydration benefits for example are a must for skin care products. Cocos Code brand have even launched products lines only dedicated to Asian skins in order to best match their needs.

Natural body care products for everyday use


Made of cold-pressed coconut and Moringa Oleifera oils mixed with botanic extracts and oils, thus making a healthy and uniquely authentic product with pronounced antioxidising and healing effects. Cold-pressed coconut and Moringa Oleifera oils have antiviral, antifungal and antioxidising characteristics, therefore, for years, they have been considered as the healthiest oils in the world. The unique molecular structure of cold-pressed coconut and Moringa Oleifera oils ensures easy everyday application of the product. Body oil soaks in quickly without leaving oily traces and makes the skin soft, even and elastic as well as alleviates, reduces and heals wide-spread skin problems. Body oils are saturated with vitamins and minerals. Provides rich moisturising, protects the skin from everyday strain and stress, environmental pollution and adverse weather, which can cause and trigger skin problems; furthermore, the cream also prevents the skin from ageing (scientifically proved and confirmed in practical use).